DJ: Guest: 091: GVWI Hallowe’en Party 2017 – 21-October 2017

After a year off, and with a new venue, I assisted for a fourth time with the GVWI‘s Hallowe’en Party – by being the DJ, along with Andy Ravensable and Simon Landmine. There are also a host of photos from the evening – click on the photo to the right.

DJ: Guest: 091: GVWI Hallowe’en Party

The Old Nick
London WC1
21-October 2017

GVWI Hallowe’en Party Facebook Event

Andy Ravensable
Simon Landmine

Gothic Valley WI Halloween Party!: The Old Nick, London WC1: 21-October 2017

Photos, taken by me, of the Event are here.

Only my setlists (DJ:traumahound) are shown below.

M‡яc▲ll▲ – Ĵєannє d’ Λrç
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – …And This Is What The Devil Does!
God Module – Still So Strange
The Birthday Massacre – Shallow Grave
Ego Likeness – New Legion
Beauty Queen Autopsy – Petit Mort
Venus In Aries – My Dear Parasite
RELIC – Evoke
Dead When I Found Her – The Big Reverse

Killing Miranda – Teenage Vampire
The Birthday Party – Release The Bats
Killing Joke – Love Like Blood
Star Industry – Nineties
Manuskript – No Reprise
Revolting Cocks – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?
Consolidated – You Suck

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