DJ: Resonance (Live): 009: 08-May 2007

Monday meant the second instalment of Resonance Live. For a gig that in hindsight perhaps was somewhat under-promoted, and at the tail-end of two hefty festival weekens (not to mention on a Monday night), the turnout was perhaps better than I was expecting. Still, a shame that a number of people left before CDatakill hit the stage at about 2300, as he was fucking fantastic. His set included furious breakbeats and snarling noise, comedy interludes, a dedication to Sue and her fractured collarbone, drunken chaos and loss of clothes…

DJ: Resonance (Live): 009

08-May 2007


The other acts were pretty damned good, too – although as I was in a “working” mode for much of the night I didn’t get the chance to enjoy and pay attention to the other acts as much as I would have liked, but all three were pretty good from what I saw and heard.

Thanks to all that came down, of course.

Soman – Mask
Iszoloscope – This Monstrosity Is Part Of My Fibric
Synapscape – Wings
Asche – Riding The Atomic I.C.E.
Coreline – Overdrive
KiEw – Synapsenbrecher
Dyspraxia – Controlling Their Desires
Proyecto Mirage – I Like Your Girlfriend
Hypnoskull – Technothrill

Keef Baker Live Set

Mashup Sound System – Please Reflect
Edgey – Amtrak
Hypnoskull – It’s Been One Year and 22 Days (Darkstep Slowcore Liftoff)
5F_55 – 4245 5445 4C

Mothboy Live Set

pr0metheus buRning – Significantly Altered
Terrorfakt – Damage

Detritus Live Set

Front Line Assembly – Armageddon
SKET – Warholic

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