DJ: Guest: 019: Redshift – 13-January 2007

Redshift last night was an interesting experience. The turnout wasn’t bad – a good mix of leedsgoths and further afield, with a few “normals” mixed in that appeared to look somewhat uneasy. DJing was a little tough in trying to find a happy medium to please everyone, but at least with my set I think I got there in the end…

DJ: Guest: 019: Redshift

The Mixing Tin
13-January 2007

0005-0045: traumahound
Modulate – Skullfuck – Request
Suicide Commando – Bind Torture Kill – Request
Laibach – Tanz Mit Laibach
Combichrist – This Shit Will Fuck You Up – Request
Psyclon Nine – Parasitic
Prometheus Burning – Beyond Repair
Nine Inch Nails – Heresy
Front Line Assembly – Buried Alive
Converter/Asche/Morgenstern – Monster

The live set from Cybercide was interesting, too. After a shaky start with some technical glitches, they recovered well to provide a good, solid set. However, as I mentioned in my review of the album, the music remains far too generic in many parts, and there wasn’t an awful lot of stage presence. Still, they are still a new band live and that will come in time. What was interesting was that when a cover was rolled out in the encore – Rebel Yell – it all clicked and came to life. Also not doing them any favours was the sound and the venue, which with a low ceiling does many live acts no favours at all. I’ll be interested to see how they do at Dark City in May.

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