DJ: Guest: 011: Quarantine – 14-March 2006

it was a quick dash through the late evening onto Quarantine, where the turnout was pretty good, as it goes, for 3ulogy’s live appearance. What did surprise me first off was that the Hubs venue seems better suited to live bands than club nights – the cavernous rooms do nothing for club sound, as I have found in the past.

DJ: Guest: 011: Quarantine

Hallam University Union
14-March 2006

3ulogy’s set was little over 30 minutes, but they wasted no time at all. Opener Forget was a stormer, it’s heavy beats fleshed out well by howling vocals and a guitar that could actually be heard. The two new (untitled) tracks had similar force behind them too, banishing forever the slight and thin sound that in my opinion held the band back before. Top track still is Instincts, which following it’s appearance on a compilation seems to be getting heard elsewhere. And a good thing, too, as it is filled with such power and rage it simply demands attention. The set was closed with In My Head, which perhaps goes on a little too long, and maybe is a little aimless, especially with less vocals as a focus. We even managed an encore out of them – Enemy – which allowed a finish on a much better note.

It seems that now the band have a new lease of life, especially with the backup of the much stronger material that they now have. New material is now out, at least in demo form, more gigs are forthcoming and the band seem bristling with confidence. Onwards and upwards now, yes?

Anyway, following that, it was onto the remainder of the club night – which I ended up DJing most of. Thanks to all that came down.

Cyanotic – Order Out Of Chaos
Hocico – Poltergeist
Nine Inch Nails – Head Like A Hole (Clay)
KMFDM – Godlike – Doglike – Request
Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl
The Union Underground – South Texas Deathride
Tool – Forty Six & 2

One Minute Silence – Brainspiller
Fear Factory – Replica
Suicide Commando – Hellraiser
Skinny Puppy – Pro-Test – Request
Stromkern – Stand Up
Combichrist – This Is My Rifle
Machine Head – Imperium
Mastodon – Blood and Thunder – Request
Tool – Schism – Request

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