/Welcome to the Future/188/Events, Livestreams and new releases 17-Sep 2021

Stay-In-Fest and the Bank Holiday are already in the rearview mirror, and we’re now inching toward autumn, and the usual packed release schedule as things ramp up again. Today I bring you a fully updated events listing, a host of releases today on Bandcamp Friday, and the first of my interviews from Stay-In-Fest fully transcribed. […]

/Club/London/Bring the Noize

Mixtape Presents DJs play a vinyl set of old skool indie and hip-hop from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s, including 50 Cent // A Tribe Called Quest // Alabama 3 // Alice In Chains // Tori Amos // Ash // Audioslave // B-52s // Babes in Toyland // Beastie Boys // Beck // Bell […]

/Tuesday Ten/446/Want More Need Less

There was a clear pattern to pretty much all of the suggestion threads that I initiated last year. In one way or another, they mostly linked to the situation we found ourselves in: our normal way of life upended, unable to travel or socialise in the usual ways for most of the past year. That […]

/Tuesday Ten/429/Some Guys Have All The Luck

This year really has felt, in some ways, like the world has run out of luck. A pandemic, a succession of hapless, right-wing Governments manipulating just about everything in their favour, and the general feeling that it is going to be a long route out of this.

/Tuesday Ten/426/War on Error

Last Friday was the nineteenth anniversary of the September 11th (or 9/11) attacks, four near-simultaneous aircraft hijackings by terrorists in the US that resulted in an enormous loss of life, and has since stood as a marker of our age, and that has influenced US foreign and domestic policy ever since.

/Tuesday Ten/418/Twenty-Five Years Gigging

Twenty-five years ago yesterday (20-July 1995), I made it to my first proper gig. I headed over to Roundhay Park in the north-eastern edges of Leeds, along with tens of thousands of others, to the first night of the Heineken Festival that year, ostensibly to see Pop Will Eat Itself, but that evening I also […]

/Tuesday Ten/401/Isolation

As a number of people in comment and meme form have joked this past week or two, this isn’t the dystopian future we were promised. But it’s the one we’ve got, and it is remarkable how certain outlooks have changed. Certain political policies that were ridiculed just three months ago have become instantly popular – […]

/Tuesday Ten/363/How to Disappear Completely

Writing these Tuesday Tens, sometimes they go off in completely different directions than I’d first intended. Aside from the Tracks of the Month posts, the “subject” posts are either ones I’ve collated myself or have been opened up to suggestion threads on Facebook. The latter are often really interesting, and this week particularly so.

/Tuesday Ten/360/Music of the Spheres

The impending number 360 in this series got me wondering. Was there a way that I could do something relevant to this number (as I have done in the past with other posts, such as 242 and 333. Then I had a brainwave.

/Tuesday Ten/347/Ready to Start

There is a good reason why it has taken 347 editions of my Tuesday Ten series to get ’round to doing my favourite opening tracks – mainly because I didn’t want to come across all Rob Gordon and Barry Judd in High Fidelity.

/Tuesday Ten/345/Calculating Infinity

Following on from last week and my excursion into mathematics, this week I take things further – and perhaps you could call this post…further mathematics. I never quite got as far as further mathematics, choosing “just” to do Pure & Applied Mathematics alongside Physics at A-Level, which was not among my better academic choices. Maths […]

Talk Show Host: 049: Freak Dream

After a period this summer where I’ve not really been able to post too much, I’m back now for the autumn with a whole host of (hopefully) interesting posts, articles and interviews for your reading pleasure. I’m starting that with an interview with a new band that is worth your time catching up with.

Countdown: 2017: Compilations and Re-issues

Welcome to the amodelofcontrol.com review of 2017, which begins this week. Over this and the next three Tuesdays, I’ll be rounding up the best music of the year in various categories. In coming weeks there will be the best tracks, the best albums, and the best gigs.

Into the Pit: 200: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

I looked at the concept of my musical Bucket List in Tuesday Ten: 178 in 2013, and of those artists, there is pretty much only Radiohead within the list that I have a realistic chance of seeing one day (Slayer’s current line-up, with the death of Jeff Hanneman, is not really one I’m too interested […]

Tuesday Ten: 302: Tracks of the Month (July 1997)

It feels a bit weird posting this today. Only yesterday I posted Talk Show Host: 034, my latest interview with seeming, where there was a lengthy discussion about how nostalgia in music makes us all regress.