Tuesday Ten: 023: Tracks of the Month (October 2007)

The first Tuesday of a new month, so time for a look at my ten tracks of the month for October. The usual mix of new stuff that has caught my ear, along with a few older things that I've been listening to again. Anything that you think I should be hearing otherwise would be welcome…

Track of the Month

Don't Fall Back
teatro de Revelación

Labelmates of Cyanotic, these guys sound rather different. This is the opening track from the album, an intense, multi-layered monster that despite lasting nearly seven minutes never feels too long. Hear the track on their myspace page.


Not spectacularly good – or indeed live – onstage, this lot are far better on record. This was the most immediate track on the album when I first got it, and remains my favourite now. A thumping industrial-metal track with a fist-pumping chorus, with tracks like this it is easy to see why the band seem to be so popular at present. Hear a snippet of it here.


Seeing PSI live again last month brought back all kinds of happy memories, and no more so than this – the oldest song they aired in the set.

Hit Me Hard
The Beauty of Destruction

Yeah, yeah, I know it's been around ages, it fills dancefloors, everyone else is probably sick of it already. It's somehow passed me by until now – now I know who actually did this infectious club track, however…

Poison For Your Soul
No Need To Worry

It took until seeing this track performed live last month for me to finally appreciate just how fantastic this song is. While some of Painbastard's stuff – particularly the newest stuff – falls into the trap of being somewhat generic, there is the odd track that simply leaps out as being something more. A slow burning, outpouring of fury at an ex-partner, that thanks to the emotional depth is much more than just navel-gazing.

The Hives
Tick Tick Boom
The Black and White Album

It's been a while since this band had much of a high profile, but I suspect that this great single might well change that. The very, very clever video is great – the band as, er, interactive museum exhibits…

Front Line Assembly
Internal Combustion
Millenium [2007 Re-issue]

Watch on YouTube

I finally have the Millenium remaster/reissue, and this stomping track – that was aired live on the tour this summer for the first time – is on it. Quite how this was only ever a B-side has me totally mystified – but then, the band have had a history of letting great songs languish as B-sides…

Symbols [2007 Re-issue]

Talking of remasters, I'm still working my way (slowly) through picking up various of the KMFDM remasters, and Symbols was picked up last week. Megalomaniac is something of a classic KMFDM track, and with good reason – despite being considerably more electronic (particularly the almost techno/house beat) than most of their output, it still sounds that it could only be the work of this band. A cracking dancefloor track that is all too often criminally overlooked by DJs, too.

Einstürzende Neubauten
Let's do it a Dada
Alles Wierder Offen

The highlight of the somewhat subdued-sounding new album from these long-running Berlin Industrialists is this rather odd track. As it's title suggests, it seems to be a nod to the Dadaists, and rather than the mainly earnest seriousness of the album, this song sounds like they had great fun creating it. It pretty much leaps along, with all kinds of clattering, metallic percussion in the background, strange, rhyming lyrics that have various plays on words in both German and English and a pulsing rhythm that just makes you want to move.

All That I Wanted

Mick Mercer is to blame for me listening to this again, after it appeared in his Top 30 Goth Singles list post last week. I hadn't heard it in years, either – it's fantastic, proto-industrial/EBM (with guitars) from the mid-80s that has aged pretty well, surprisingly enough. Now to try and find a copy to DJ with…

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