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The eighth part of Transmission, the a-z of industrial. This continues our look at industrial music, and is this week continuing all about bands beginning with “f”.

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Firstly, apologies for the delay in posting this episode – life has rather got in the way a little over the past month (as did Whitby), so this has been rather longer in coming that I would have liked. Transmission: 009 will come sooner, I promise.

I’m joined of course by Daisy to talk about the bands – some she likes, some she really doesn’t, and indeed the same goes for me too. This is an admittedly subjective look at the genre of music I concentrate on most, one that is a broad, varied church and I’ll attempt to cover as much of it as possible.

This episode features music and discussion about Fear Factory, Filter, Flesh Field, FIRES, Feindflug, Faderhead, Funker Vogt, FGFC820 and The Future Sound of London.

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