But Listen: 002: Chlorgeschlecht – Chlorgeschlecht

What the…?

Without a doubt one of the oddest albums I have heard in my life, this album goes from extreme noise to thrash metal to the cut-up sound of someone pissing themselves laughing within the first three minutes.


Label: Unyoga
Catalog#: DECO 004
Buy from: no longer available

Note: First appeared in Black Harvest issue #6 October 2003

What else – a snippet of hard techno, then some grunting in Spanish, then more metal. It appears to be all samples – but I may be wrong, and it has the attention span of a gnat – a sample appears for a couple of seconds then totally changes tack.

The entire album (22 tracks) is over in just 23 minutes, and as it is, is a glorious pile-up of ideas. Any longer and I’d be asking questions – but as album I could listen to again and again – I don’t think so!

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