Into the Pit: 006: Machines – Live at The Grapes Sheffield – 13-January 2005

…Machines turned out to be yet another fantastic local band. Five, maybe six tracks in 45 minutes. Tool influenced, but not slavishly.


The Grapes, Sheffield
13 January 2005

Each track proved the musical ability of the band, with numerous time changes, and the ability to keep winding up the pace of a track until it literally exploded. Each track seemed to be contructed with maximum…space, to allow them to build – nothing felt out of place, or overdone – indeed, in quieter points the sparseness helped to give each track even more life.

Lead singer Rory was suitably enigmatic, with introductions to tracks in the main being very cryptic indeed, as were the image projected behind. A clever use of electronics, too – although the tracks appeared not to be built around them, they certainly didn’t feel tacked on.

p>Perhaps not the finished article, but they certainly impressed. Now to hear a demo, I hope…

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