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A welcome to the many new readers of this page. This is the weekly Friday post, of new music coming your way this week and soon, as well as a look at the events and gigs in the future, and finally nods to any other notable news that affects artists and music that I cover here.

/transmission – the amodelofcontrol.com podcast – has returned, continuing the run through of the a-z of industrial, with all episodes thus far are here. The latest episode is /transmission/016, the second part of the letter L. /transmission/018 will follow soon.

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/This Week/New Releases

A bit of catching up, as there were a couple of releases I’ve missed in the past couple of weeks.

It’s been some time since I heard The Operative, although I’ve clearly missed a few releases since the excellent An Adoring Circle Of Radical Calamity – but Shane Talada is back under this name with Bodies in Classified Rubble. While hot on the heels of their recent, and excellent EP, there is now a Crystal Geometry full length album too, Senestre.

I also missed this reissue last week – Pig Destroyer’s mighty 38 Counts of Battery on vinyl.

Onto this week, …and You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead return with the excellent X: The Godless Void and Other Stories, and London duo Dicepeople release Destroyer EP. Also a lot of fun is KLACK’s cover of The Shamen’s Move any Mountain.

/This Week/Upcoming Releases

Further to last week, ESA’s Burial10 is now up for pre-order on Bandcamp. The brutal industrial metal of khost – who certainly owe something to their Birmingham forebears Godflesh, that’s for sure – is back for a fourth dose with new album Buried Steel on 13-Mar. While hardcore-industrial crossover band Code Orange appear to have put their feet more fully into the industrial side of things with their upcoming album Underneath, at least if the excellent title track is to go by.

Empathy Test announced this week that their new album will be called Monsters, and is anticipated to be released in May, with a crowdfunding round to come (and I’ll post the link once it is live). Pearl Jam – weird to think of them as rock veterans these days – release new album Gigaton this year.

Therapy? release a “best of” on 06-March, to mark their 30th Anniversary, but with a twist. Twelve old favourites, newly recorded at Abbey Road, and it certainly tilts back to their nineties heyday, that’s for sure. While a lavish re-issue on Dependent is the Mind.in.a.box Dreamweb trilogy on vinyl.

/Upcoming/Gigs/Club Nights/Events

This weekly listing has now seen a significant overhaul, and has moved over to a Shareable calendar format that is embedded below. You can add it to your own calendar views if you wish (GCal link, iCal link), and then you will get dynamic updates as I get them. Otherwise see the embedded calendar below.

If you have updates, relevant events for me, or want to tell me about something else, use the contact details above.


Two sad pieces of news this week. Firstly, legendary Rush drummer Neil Peart passed away, while another notable Camden venue looks like it is about to bite the dust, apparently – this time it’s The Monarch.

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Look out for /Tuesday Ten/392 and the (much) delayed /transmission/018 (promise!) coming in the next week, as well as potentially /Talk Show Host/058 (provided I get the responses back in time).

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