/DJ/Rivet/017 – 28-May 2021

After some years of talking about it – and struggling to find a venue – Andy and I decided finally to bring /Rivet back in 2020, and in 2021, we’re back as long as lockdown allows.


/Date /28-May 2021
/DJs /DJ:traumahound /AndyRavenSable
/Genres /Industrial /EBM /Synthpop /Futurepop /Coldwave /Electronic
/Details /Tracks played/58 /Duration/04:00:00

With summer now in full swing, and the potential for further relaxations of restrictions, we’ve taken the decision that /Rivet will be going back into hibernation, at least for now. As before, it’s never entirely over, but we need a bit of a break to enjoy the summer ourselves.

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HIDE – Do Not Bow Down
Fïx8:Sëd8 – Tremors
TourDeForce – A Hero For His Son
Imperative Reaction – Like Swine
Front Line Assembly – Unknown
ESA – I Detach


Grimes & IO – Violence (REZZ remix)
Purity Ring – begin Again (HEALTH remix)
How To Destroy Angels – A Drowning (Binary mix)
Seabound – The Promise
Covenant – Prime Movers (club mix)
Shiv-R – Alpha Omega
NIN – The Hand That Feeds (Space Punk Remix)
Rotersand – Waiting To Be Born (Rework)


16Volt – Two Wires Thin
Chemlab – Codeine, Glue and You
Sister Machine Gun – Wired (radio)
Everything Goes Cold – I Will Harness The Powers of Darkness to Destroy You
<PIG> – Find It Fuck It Forget It (Regret It)
Stabbing Westward – Falls Apart
Cyanotic – Deface
3TEETH – Atrophy
Dead When I Found Her – Tantrum
Machines of Loving Grace – Casual Users
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Devil Bunnies


Bombardier – The Day Before The End
Moris Blak – Druglicker
Formalin – Warzone (Formalin Mix)
Hocico – Broken Empires
Aglory – Necronomicon
Gost – Behemoth (Peturbator Mix)
Angelspit – Happy Little Coma
Suicide Commando – Evacuate
Tactical Sekt – Bring Me Violence
Assemblage 23 – Welcome Apocalypse (mix)
Eisbrecher – Gothkiller


Atari Teenage Riot – Speed
Ifriqiyya Electrique – He Eh Lalla – Request
This Morn’ Omina – One eYed Man
The Operative – Revival (Apocalyptic Pulpit)
Blac Kolor – Nano Creator
Red Meat – Eat Me Beat Me v5
Straftanz – Straftanz
HEALTH – Stonefist
KANGA – Godless
kidneythieves – Jude (Be Somebody)
Collide – Euphoria (2020 Mix)


3TEETH – You Spin Me Round
Cyanotic – Stay Asleep
Amelia Arsenic – T.H.I.R.S.T.Y.
Ayria – The Gun Song
HORSKH – Black Switch
Order of the Static Temple – Riding In Sin
Ministry – Stigmata (Angelspit remix)
:wumpscut: – dying culture
SAM – Arm of Justice
Go_A – Shum

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