/DJ/Stormblast/149 – 18-Mar 2021

Lockdown might be over soon, who knows. But in the meantime, we continue with fortnightly editions of /Stormblast, and this week things went nasty.


/Venue/Twitch online Livestream
/Date/18-Mar 2021

That’s nasty as in extreme. Thanks to some interesting recommendations, and other requests, sonically this went to some great extremes this week.

Back as usual in two weeks’ time, with /Stormblast/150 – an extended anniversary edition, with Kunal from Chaos Theory – and if you missed this show, you can listen back below.

Stormblast 2020

Cult of Luna – A Dawn to Fear
KAUAN – Raivo
Deathspell Omega – Bread of Bitterness
Imperial Triumphant – City Swine
Immortal – Sons of Northern Darkness
Zyklon – Hammer Revelation
1349 – Nathicana
AUTARKH – Lost to Sight
Morbid Angel – The Ancient Ones
Exhorder – Desecrator – Request
Cannibal Corpse – Inhumane Harvest
Nile – Cast Down the Heretic

/The Grindcore Five Minutes
Gulch – Lie, Deny, Sanctify
Cloud Rat – Losing Weight
Pig Destroyer – Fuck You Up and Get High
Gatecreeper – Sick of Being Sober
The Berzerker – Reality
Terminal Nation – Leather Envy
Nasum – Living Next Door to Malice

Misþyrming – Söngur heiftar
Misotheist – Acts of the Flesh
Feminazgul – Bury the Antlers with the Stag – Request
Ahklys – Somniloquy
Altar of Plagues – Twelve Was Ruin
Serpent Column – Violence Aesthete – Request
Pupil Slicer – Wounds Upon My Skin – Request
Iperyt – Adoration of Social Demise – Request
Aborym – Humechanics-Virus
The Axis of Perdition – My Time, My Reign, My Tyranny
Opeth – Deliverance

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