/DJ/Stormblast/143 – 17-Dec 2020

Thus ends /Stormblast for 2020. The resurrection of my old Sheffield-based extreme metal night at the beginning of lockdown in the Spring turned out to be a popular move, and much of the old community has been joined by a new community, and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve returned to old music, and discovering new music amid the wreckage of the year, too.


/Date /17-Dec 2020
/DJs /DJ:traumahound
/Genres /Extreme Metal /Doom /Black Metal /Death Metal /Thrash Metal /Sludge Metal /Post-Metal
/Details /Tracks played/35 /Duration/02:30:00

I couldn’t have done it without all of the regulars that come along to each night, thank you all. We’ll be back in the new year for /Stormblast/144 – details to follow.

Stormblast 2020


Asian Death Crustacean – Baikal II
ISIS – The Beginning and the End
Clutch – The Mob Goes Wild
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Reducer
VÖLUR – Inviolate Groove
The Haunted – Dark Intentions
The Haunted – Bury Your Dead
Body Count – Bum-Rush
Anthrax – I Am The Law
Megadeth – Peace Sells
Slayer – War Ensemble
Exodus – War Is My Shepherd
Hellripper – Vampire’s Grave
Konvent – Puritan Masochism
Draconian – Sleepwalkers
Code Orange – Underneaths
Prong – Another Worldly Device
Fear Factory – Demanufacture
Strapping Young Lad – Oh My Fucking God
Loathe – New Faces In The Dark
Sharptooth – Say Nothing (In the Absence of Content)
Stampin’ Ground – Officer Down
Sick of it All – Step Down
Gulch – Cries of Pleasure, Heavenly Pain
Napalm Death – Fuck the Factoid
Reign of Erebus – Nightmare of Being
FORTÍÐ – Insignificant is the Wormking’s Throne
Akhlys – Ephialtes
Dimmu Borgir – Blessings Upon The Throne of Tyranny
In Flames – System
Black Magnet – Divination Equipment
Oranssi Pazuzu – Tyhjyyden sakramentti
Paradise Lost – Hope Dies Young
Katatonia – Neon Epitaph
My Dying Bride – Macabre Cabaret

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