/DJ/Rivet/003 – 22-June 2012

Thanks to everyone who turned up on Friday – it really was a brilliant night, despite the odd technical glitch here and there. We hope you all had a wonderful time, and enjoyed yourselves immensely. We’re just making plans for making the next one even better, and will be back soon with news!


/Date /22-June 2012
/DJs /DJ:traumahound /AndyRavenSable /Lee Chaos
/Venue /Canal 125 /Caledonian Road, London N1
/Genres /Industrial /EBM /Synthpop /Futurepop /Coldwave /Electronic
/Details /Tracks played/59 /Duration/05:00:00


Velvet Acid Christ – Decypher
:wumpscut: – Totmacher
Mesh – If We Stay Here (Zeromancer Mix)
The Retrosic – Unleash Hell
Stromkern – Reminders
Angel Theory Vs Die Krupps – Descendent Wahre Arbeit
Celldweller – Frozen (Celldweller vs Blue Stahli)
Eisbrecher – Verrückt
Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds
Komor Kommando – Rhythm Machine
Everything Goes Cold – The Iron Fist of Just Destruction (Cosmic Cubanate Remix by Be My Enemy)
God Destruction – Armageddon


Skinny Puppy – Worlock (Doomsday Live)
Encephalon – The Transhuman Condition
Spahn Ranch – Locusts
Einstürzende Neubauten – Feurio! (Türen Offen) – Request
The Young Gods – Gasoline Man – Request
Chemlab – Rivet Head
The Damage Manual – Damage Addict
Acumen Nation – Gun Lover
Cyanotic – Alt.Machine.Edit
Cubanate – Oxyacetalene – Request
Ministry – Just One Fix
Sulpher – You Ruined Everything
Gravity Kills – Enough
The Strand – I Hate My Fucking Job (Imperative Reaction Mix)

/23:00-00:00/DJ/Lee Chaos

Big Black – The Model
Combichrist – Intruder Alert
Samantha Fu – Theme From Discotheque
Noisuf-X – Hit Me Hard (As Hard As You Can Mix)
Empirion – Narcotic Influence 1
Lab4 – Hellboy
Noisia – Machine Gun (16Bit Remix)
Front 242 – Headhunter (Space Frog Remix)
Stabbing Westward & Wink – Torn Apart
Nine Inch Nails – Wish
The Young Gods – Longue Route – Request
Ministry – Stigmata
Mustard Pimp – Catch Me
Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Mike Shinoda Remix)
Snake River Conspiracy – Lovesong


Aesthetic Perfection – Spit It Out
Straftanz – The Enchantment (feat. Reverend G and F. Nietzsche)
Grendel – Harsh Generation
SAM – Mad As Hell
Nine Inch Nails – Sin
not all setlist recorded due to technical issues


Edge of Dawn – Stage Fright
Covenant – Call The Ships To Port
Assemblage 23 – The Noise Inside My Head
S.P.O.C.K – Dr. McCoy (Classic)
Revolting Cocks – Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? – Request
Consolidated – You Suck – Request
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – After The Flesh
Front 242 – Happiness (Re:boot Live)
Project Pitchfork – Timekiller (And One Remix) – Request
Apoptygma Berzerk – Starsign
Icon of Coil – Formerself
Mind.In.A.Box – Stalkers
Seabound – Scorch The Ground (Version)

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