DJ: Resonance: 008: 21-April 2007

Resonance last night wasn’t too bad. Numbers could again be better, but it was up on last month, and with the flyers now everywhere online and across Leeds, I’d think that next month should certainly be better. Don’t forget also the second instalment of Resonance Live on 07-May. Anyway, thanks to all that came down.

DJ: Resonance: 008

21-April 2007

Keef Baker
attack monkey

Keef Baker:
Displacer – My Enemy
Xingu Hill – Core Illness
CDatakill – You Are Mine
Quench – Slick
Four Tet – No More Mosquitoes
Detritus – Melting Snow
End – Countdown To The End
Mothboy – Given Away
Somatic Responses – Umbrella

attack monkey:
Alter der Ruine – When Machines Cry
Terrorfakt – Stormbreaker
The Peoples Republic of Europe – Demolisher
W.A.S.T.E. – Electronic Beatdown Bitch
Iszoloscope – Au Seuil de Neant (Daruma Cut)
Pneumatic Detach – Embers

Endif – Crack Pipe
Asche – Peter (Synapscape Remix)
Converter – Domination (lm)
Hypnoskull – Technothrill
KiEw – DC Disk (Soman Special Edit)
pr0metheus buRning – When The Past Becomes Present
ESA – Cutslut

attack monkey:
C/A/T – Smashed 2.0
Modulate – Electronic Battle Weapon
Northborne – Brutal
Soman – Delta-Pi
Captive of Society – Das Spiegelbild
Imperative Reaction – Your Truth

Chemlab – Electric Molecular (Death Before Taxes Remix by KMFDM)
Front Line Assembly – Armageddon
16Volt vs Cyanotic – American Porn Song (Glitch Bitch v1.0)
Psyclon Nine – Parasitic
The Damage Manual – Damage Addict
Numb – Critical Mass

Keef Baker:
Venetian Snares – Duffy
Not Breathing – Dead Voices On Acetone
Keef Baker – Armed Snobbery
I:Gor – Who
Ebola – Wet T-Shirt DSP
Xingu Hill + Brian Everson – Prairie

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