DJ: Resonance: 007: 17-March 2007

Turnout was pitiful, but as discussed at the time we were the victims of a number of factors – not least the atrocious weather, as well as something of an event-pileup over the course of the week. Ho hum, you win some you lose some.

DJ: Resonance: 007

17-March 2007

Keef Baker
attack monkey

Keef Baker:
Subtractivelad | No Mans Land
Ginormous | Slipping This Evening
Gridlock | Enzyme
Bola | Versivo
Gabba Ranks | Big Black Van
DJ Hidden | As She Laughed
Mothboy | Given Away

attack monkey:
Venetian Snares | Die Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die
Hypnoskull | It’s Been 1 Year and 22 Days (Darkstep Slowcore Lift-Off)
Mashup Sound System | Please Reflect
Techno Animal | Robosapien
Terrorfakt | Stormbreaker
W.A.S.T.E. | Media Face | Vuxnut Remix

KiEw | Synapsenbrecher | 13th Monkey Remix
TriaX | Bodyhammer
Proyecto Mirage | I Like Your Girlfriend
Drumcorps | Botch Up and Die
Front Line Assembly | Beneath The Rubble (Remix by Combichrist)
3ulogy | Forget
Panic DHH | Leader

attack monkey:
Alter Der Ruine | Achtung Bitches
Soman | Ruler
Pow[d]erpussy | Universalpussynation
Peoples Republic of Europe | The Tokugawa Solution
ManufraQture | FriQtion
Cyanotic | Deface
Dawn of Ashes | Abyss

Agonoize | Sick | Destroid Has No Dignity Mix
Psyclon Nine | Flesh Harvest
KMFDM | Inane
The Young Gods | Gasoline Man
pr0metheus buRning | When The Past Becomes Present
Caustic | Rapidly Punching The Soft Spot

Keef Baker:
Tobias Lija | Time, oh Time
Burial | U Hurt Me
Tokyo Mask | Morning Star
Dead Hollywood Stars | Back From Exile
Brighter Death Now | War
Navicon Torture Technologies | The Stars and The Scars

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