DJ: Resonance: 003: 03-December 2006

Resonance was again, frustratingly, not particularly busy. Still, we had damned good fun, including scaring a few latecomers who clearly thought the music policy was something else. Anyway, thanks as always to those that did make it down.

DJ: Resonance: 003

03-December 2006

Keef Baker

Keef Baker:
Last Days – Fear
Run-Return – Mercury Ascendant
Snog – Bourgeois
Somatic Responses – Umbrella
Gridlock – Sever
Numb – No Time
Mothboy – I Hit it I Caught it I’m Out
Displacer – My Enemy
Dead Hollywood Stars – Last Train to Aldeberan

Ah-Cama Sotz – Religion: The Taste of Spanking (The Whip Beats Harder Mix)
Architect – Speed O.J.
Panic DHH – Spare
Ambassador 21 –
Terrorfakt – The Fine Art of Killing Yourself
Pneumatic Detach – Domination
ManufraQture – Ready to Face (Violent Machine Mix)
Cyanotic – Order Out of Chaos
Rabbit Junk – The Big Push
KMFDM – Hau Ruck

Keef Baker:
ESA – We All Know The World Is Wrong
Drumcorps – Botch Up and Die
Bong-Ra – Suicide Speed Machine Girl
CDatakill – No Brakes
Keef Baker – Bobfoc
Larvae – Banjos and Brimstone
Ginormous – Tuento Be Understood
Emotional Joystick – The Remington
Not Breathing – Melloncholie Battlecat
Detritus – Melting Snow

Needle Sharing – Rasta Zombies – Request
Autoclav 1.1 – White Cover
Noise Unit – Protector
Imperative Reaction – Collapse
Stromkern – Heretic III – Revolution
Destroid – Soul Asylum
Prot0type – Holding A Gun
Aghast View – Copperhead
Front Line Assembly – Buried Alive

Keef Baker:
Enduser – Pushing Chaos
DJ Scotch Egg – Scotch Chicken
Venetian Snares – Die Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die
Curtis Chip – Eating Paste
MAD EP – Bad News
Antigen Shift – Fragmented – V2

Coreline – Morrigan’s Brake
Converter – Flower
Whitehouse – Princess Disease – Request
Asche – Kiss the Whip
Swans – Better Than You

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