DJ: Guest: 012: Resurrected – 08-April 2006

Last night’s late finish was thanks to my guest DJ slot at Resurrected in Leeds. As it turned out, it was a pretty good night. Having never been to The George before, and despite being warned, I was still surprised over just how small (and dark!) it actually is. Nice place though, and good to see everyone who came down.

DJ: Guest: 012: Resurrected

The George
08-April 2006

Cyanotic – Order Out Of Chaos
ManufraQture – Ready To Face (Violent Machine Mix)
Dismantled – Extirpation
Cubanate – Body Burn
Suicide Commando – Conspiracy With The Devil
3ulogy – Instincts
Modulate – Skullfuck
Aesthetic Perfection – I Belong To You
Solitary Experiments – Pale Candlelight
Stromkern – Reminders
Kalte Farben – eLeSDe
Rabbit Junk – Orange Laces
Rico – Freefall
Collide – Euphoria – Video Mix
In Strict Confidence & Melotron – The Sun Always Shines On TV

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