DJ: Guest: 008: Darkside – 22-September 2005

The turnout was way higher than I had expected, to be totally honest, which was great. The bands went down well, despite a somewhat ropey sound – especially for 3ulogy, whose set seemed an experimental one and also somewhat subdued. Although their power live still far outstrips anything they have recorded thus far. Neon Zoo didn’t really hold my attention all that much. They were ok…but nothing all that special. And as well as all that, everyone seemed to be in a mood to dance.

And with that mood in mind, I decided to have some fun (only my sets are shown)

DJ: Guest: 008: Darkside

22-September 2005


Rotersand – Exterminate Annihilate Destroy (Reclubbed)
Combichrist – This Shit Will Fuck You Up
Covenant – Call The Ships To Port
Suicide Commando – Hellraiser
Pow[d]erpussy – cryogenicpussylover – Request
Converter/Asche/Morgenstern – Monster – Request
Grendel – Soilbleed v3.0 – Request
Rob Zombie – Dragula – Si Non Oscillas Mix – Request
Pitchshifter – Microwaved
Laibach – Tanz Mit Laibach
Ultraviolence – Masochist – Request
Wayne G – Twisted – Request
Samantha Fu – Theme From Discotheque – Request

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