/Tuesday Ten/412/Senses Working Overtime/Smell

Just over two years ago, I asked for suggestions around songs involving the senses. Needless to say, this ended up being a gargantuan thread, with the easy decision made to split it out. /Tuesday Ten/412 /Senses Working Overtime/Smell /Playlists /Playlists/Spotify /Playlists/YouTube /Tuesday Ten/Lockdown /401/Isolation /402/Pumping Iron /405/No Good Advice /406/Warning! /408/Conspiracy /409/Lazy /410/Senses/Taste So, this […]

/Tuesday Ten/409/Lazy

There is, perhaps understandably, a desire for many to take things easy right now. Aside from work, what else is there to do? We can’t really go out and socialise, go for a drink, go to a gig, go to the cinema, and so on, so evenings have become pretty sedentary.