/Club /Whitby /The 80s Night

/RAW / Whitby 2-4 Wellington Road, Whitby

The 80s Night returns once again from 7pm on the 30th October 2022, with DJs Landmine and Kat.


/Club /Reading /Church of Madness Vs VGN!

/Facebar / Reading Ambrose Place, Reading

For our fourth outing we will be joined, all the way from Aberdeen, by the ever-so-popular Virtual Goth Night (https://www.facebook.com/VirtualGothNight) who have kept many people sane over the last few years! Joining Arricc will be Charlie Octogirl (VGN's Social Shark Wrangler!)

/Club /Reading /Church of Madness Vs Karkasaurus

/Facebar / Reading Ambrose Place, Reading

For our fifth outing the Karkasaurus team are bringing us some chaotic (likely dino related) mayhem, with a more industrial twist. If you saw them on the main stage at Infest a few years back... you know what you're in for!