Countdown: 2005: Tracks

The best five tracks of 2005.

Countdown: 2005

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(Ok, so I'm cheating a little here. The actual single release has been delayed until January – with all the various remixes on it – but the video is out and about on the band's website and various music channels, so it counts for me.)
The opening track on Interlock's debut album, and what a corker. Twin male+female vocals that weave in and out of an irrespressible, charging track, that only takes a breath when it ends. Oh, and an intro that feels like Godzilla himself is entering the room to join the moshpit. Ace.

Stand Up

Who'd have thought that industrial hip-hop would work? But oh it does…

Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)

An extraordinary remix that has breathed new life into what was becoming a tired old song. Torn up dancefloors, radio, everywhere, and with good reason. Remixes don't get much better than this.

Number_02Leæther Strip
Suicide Bombers

Five years out, and Claus comes back with this. Wow. An utterly furious 5-minute aggro-industrial workout, expect to hear this on the dancefloor lots and lots and lots in 2006…

Exterminate Annihilate Destroy

Impossible to escape either of these songs for much of the latter half of the year in clubs and elsewhere, and with good reason – both have hooks that dig deep, fantastic beats and a tuneandahalf. Oh, and the fact that both used instantly recognisable samples (Full Metal Jacket in the case of Grendel, and Doctor Who – or more to the point, Daleks – of course for Rotersand) can hardly have hurt…

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